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Random artworks that caught my attention



Representação de 1 elemento de cada um dos 7 mares.

Caneta e tinta acrílica sobre papel A4


Life in passing. #Shanghai subway. #上海 #china @viiphoto


Henri Cartier-Bresson, “Les Enfants" (1931)

Hunger White

Fernando Filho


Suzan Schuttelaar


Artist on tumblr - Julie Sarloutte is a French artist, graduate from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, France. She focuses on embroidery, but she isn’t making clothes; using string, Sarloutte creates pieces so detailed that they appear to be composed of paint strokes instead of individual stitches. Sarloutte draws inspiration from technology and the media, as her work focuses on what the world news is covering. Omnipresent tragedies such as war, hostages, natural disasters and repression are most often the subjects of her embroideries. She also works with painting and mosaic, every method leading to what she believes is an unexpected contrast between the subject she is portraying and the material it is being made from via

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Sean Mundy is a 22 year old photographer from Montreal, Canada.

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Artist on tumblr - @Tapio Mömmö is a multidisciplinary artists living and working in Finland. 


JeeYoung Lee (Korea) Dreamlike Self Portraits


cjwho:WOODEN POPSICLEby Johnny HermannMauro Savoldi - “Johnny Hermann is the alter-ego of the craftsman and designer Mauro Savoldi from Milan. He re-creates the vibrant, colorful magic of summer ices in objects of minimal design, recalling one of the sweetest and most nostalgic treasures of our past. The original popsicle was invented by an 11-year-old boy in San Francisco in 1905 – and by a strange coincidence it was piece of wood that made the whole story possible! 
Childhood memories and fresh emotions are fused in the shape and materials of these creations.” (devidsketchbook)


Porcelain Figures series by photographer Martin Klimas

From a height of three meters, porcelain figurines are dropped on the ground, and the sound they make when they hit trips the shutter release. The result: razor-sharp images of disturbing beauty—temporary sculptures made visible to the human eye by high-speed photography technology. The porcelain statuette bursting into pieces isn’t what really captures the attention; the fascination lies in the genesis of a dynamic figure that replaces the static pose. In contrast to the inertness of the intact kitsch figurines Klimas started out with, the photographs of their destruction possess a powerfully narrative character.” (text from martin-klimas.de)

Pictures from Juxtapoz Magazine

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Selected works by Isabel Chiara freelance illustrator based in Sevilla-Spain. Her background in plastic arts led Isabel to collage, which came to be her favorite way of artistic expression. Her style is very much influenced by great masters of painting. But the art she creates transcends their time. It tells us a story  that reminds us that beauty exists and is real.

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Boca Do Lobo

"OUR VISION is to understand the past and interpret it through technology and contemporary design. We use this knowledge to transfer our entire artisan’s wisdom into our design. 

We strive to encourage sensational experiences by creating beautiful pieces which are passionately inspired, crafted, and delivered by a staff that loves what they do.”


Epitaph Editorial by Rankin & Andrew Gallimore